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Who are we, you might ask? We are Sardonicus and Lisa, We are sisters in spirit. We are not related by blood, but we are closer than some sisters are. We met each other at a wonderful cloth doll makers gathering in Livermore, CA nine years ago and we became fast friends and sisters in spirit. We are kindred spirits, each having lived a life that is differentbut remarkably the same. We both have families and grown children and we have a passionate love for anything creative, movies, books, doll making, crafting, art. Our love of creating brought us together and we continue to further our creative endeavors.
We each have our own unique style that is constantly evolving and changing, but the one part of that style that remains the same is that we are eclectic. We both love gothic, mysterious things and holidays and the change of seasons. Sardonicus focuses on anything that catches her fancy while Lisa tends to focus on Christmas and Halloween and whimsical things. We both will have a wide range of offerings available. Welcome to our Blog, we hope you enjoy your visit.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Lisa's Halloween Shadow Boxes

I bought these shadow boxes at the dollar store last summer and they have been sitting here forever. A little paint and some scrapbooking stickers and I got these little shadow boxes. Hope you like them.

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